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Center for Geriatric Psychiatry

The Center for Geriatric Psychiatry, in partnership with New England Geriatrics, offers you and your loved ones 55 and older personalized care in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to help you when you need us most and restore you to good mental health.

The center is designed to:

  • Stabilize you in psychiatric crisis
  • Provide you on-site access to our team of specialists and health care professionals
  • Improve your coping and cognition skills through individual and group therapy
  • Assist you to resume daily activities
  • Offer education to you and your family

Exceptional Psychiatric Care

The hallmark of our program is our exceptional team of psychiatric professionals who specialize in geriatric psychiatry. Using the strengths and abilities of each individual, we implement a customized treatment plan that produces the best recovery for you.

Admission and Staff

For 24-hour admission and referral services, call the Center for Geriatric Psychiatry at 413-668-1471 or 866-217-2598.