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The Allergy Clinic at Baystate Wing Hospital offers comprehensive services to people experiencing symptoms of allergies or allergic reactions:

  • Allergy control strategies and evaluation of many allergies, including airborne, food and insect stings, and seasonal allergies
  • Management of sinusitis, asthma and hives
  • Evaluation and treatment of immune deficiencies and other conditions related to the immune system
  • Diagnostic testing/immunotherapy for inhalant allergies including dust, pet dander, trees, weeds, grasses and molds.

About Allergies at Baystate Wing Hospital

Allergic reactions can occur anywhere in the body and may present as hives, rash, sneezing, shortness of breath, itching, coughing or wheezing. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, your primary care physician can refer you to our Allergy Clinic.